There’s not a lot of pride evident in this.  A friend recently emailed me a link to this mealy-mouthed interchange on the support FAQ page — about the founder(?) and chief salesman of the new ‘internet marketing’ scheme, Shaun Stenning. It seems to back up my earlier thoughts.

Shaun Stenning: name association with big promising failed internet marketing venture Geekversity? (Click)

Presumably this Frequently Asked Question (!) flows from the stigma attached to Shaun Stenning’s damaged reputation following the implosion of Geekversity which he had been so prominent in promoting (YouTube clip). As we discussed, Stenning appears conspicuously absent from promotional material for Australia — wherein the Sorcerer’s apprentice, Instant Expert and former Geekversity affiliate Dean Letfus features as The Man who makes a lot of money through internet marketing. (Oh, really? Of what? Internet marketing schemes?)

Look at this revealing double-talk Q&A from the support FAQ:

Q. Is This A Shaun Stenning Product? (Translation: Is this apple really poisonous, stepmother?)

A. Shaun Stenning is involved with this product but it is not solely a Shaun Stenning product. It is a product that has been produced and is being supported by our team of dedicated internet marketers. (Translation: Please don’t hold Shaun’s record of hyperbole, overpromising and disappointment against  — our latest version of  his popular “You can get very rich through Amazon and Google Adsense commissions” sales pitch. It’s not just Shaun anymore. Now he’s got a team. “Shaun Stenning is involved with this product but it is not solely a Shaun Stenning product.” Well — you can’t get clearer than that.)

Q. Can I Buy MFA Online?

A. At this stage, you are not able to buy MFA online, as it is exclusively for sale through events. We choose to do this because we find that clients who have attended events where we speak have a better understanding of the basic concepts needed to be successful in the program. (Translation: We want our smooth-talking salesmen to sweet-talk you into — oops, I mean show you the benefits — by persuasively dangling an image of quick and easy income, ‘the future you deserve’, ka-ching! beep-beep-beep etc…)

Q. Are There Similar Platforms To MFA available?

A. There are many platforms available at a cost online that have similar features to MFA With that said, none of the platforms allow you to do monetisation like MFA Also, to our knowledge there are no platforms that do everything we require in the one place. (Translation: Sure, we may have [allegedly] knocked-off some other people’s ‘internet marketing’ ideas and systems [Hey, it’s the internet, remember? See our YouTube Traffic Thieves report.] Anyway, we used a completely different font and colour scheme on our websites, and made up some stuff all by ourselves … so it’s NOT the same as anything else. Cough. See next FAQ.)

Q. How Long Has MFA Been Operating?

A. MFA is a brand new product that has been in development for a significant period of time. In fact, it is the result of many years of software development and research and we personally believe it is one of the best solutions for building a portfolio of wealth building sites. (Translation: Two weeks is a long time on the internet. ‘Brand new’ sounds so much better then ‘completely unproven in the real world’ doesn’t it? So, yeah, no, it’s just started. is still just getting going, it’s an idea really, so we don’t know how it will work out, or for how long — but that won’t stop us selling it to you with BIG promises and small earnings disclaimers. We ‘personally believe’ we can make some serious money out of you, oops, out of — by selling it to you!)

We’re excited to share this exciting new platform with you and we look forward to helping you achieve your online success. (Translation: In the words of Charles Ponzi: ‘Come on in, the water’s fine!’)

Q. How Can You Be Sure MFA Works If It’s So New?

A. We have spent a significant amount of time and resources testing and proving the strategy behind This strategy is not new and has existed for more than a decade. What is unique about is that it automates a huge portion of what used to be a very labour intensive and time consuming process, so you can build your wealth online more quickly and easily. (Translation: LOL! Of course we can’t be sure! Google and Amazon could be on our tails right now! We don’t know how it’s going to work out — but a positive mindset will really help everyone. Hey, look at our success with Geekversity, er, no, actually don’t ($5.5M loss). But don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Just sign here!)

Say it with me …

“I CAN build my wealth online more quickly and easily. Oh Yes I can. Yes I CAN. My mindset is pure and positive. I CAN make a lot of money on the internet just like Shaun and Dean say I can, and I won’t ask myself why they are constantly travelling pitching this scheme to newbies anywhere they can instead of relaxing on a beach with lots of ka-ching! money rolling in.
If in doubt I will read these FAQs and my modules again and again and never question the programme. No, and I won’t ask why they seem so keen to help people everywhere else they hardly seem to sleep two nights in the same bed … they’re sooo busy selling it … actually when I think about it, these travelling salesmen seem so busy helping people fill in the forms to sign up for this ‘get-rich-quick-passive-income life-of-your-dreams’ scheme.
Ooops. OH NO! Not a negative thought! @$#&+*#$! Now it’s my fault if it doesn’t work! Dean said I’ve got to believe! Shaun said it’s never’s fault, it’s mine … my mindset … my missing link … my ‘ownership’ … not using it properly … failing to see $20 ‘earnings’ as positive and replicating it, when we’ve been promised thousands

Ooooh Yes I can! Yes I CAN build my wealth online more quickly and easily …”

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