‘Dispersing lies’ — that’s what I’ve been accused of doing, by ‘expert in lying‘, spruiker Dean Letfus.

No real mystery here.

His detail-free allegation (by broadcast email and on his blog) comes with bonus faulty logic and an extra smear topping: that I am allegedly doing this (‘dispersing lies’) as ‘a competitor’ — which is kind of an understated assertion of ill-motives on my part.
i.e. not just a liar … but ‘dispersing lies’ because of commercial rivalry! (Thoroughly corrupt, in other words.)

What value has such an accusation against me, without the slightest hint of evidence in support?

Of course smearing one’s critics is a time-honoured (but dishonourable) practice. Why trouble yourself, if you’re Dean Letfus, explaining how exactly it is you say you’ve been maligned — with a detailed rebuttal — when it’s easier just to jab a vague allegation of impropriety at the whistle-blower?

It’s shabby, in my opinion. And so was his response to this …

I wrote to Dean Letfus on Saturday asking him for specific examples of alleged lies he claims I have been allegedly dispersing over the alleged last 12 alleged months, allegedly. [snort]

To Dean Letfus:
(1) What lies?
I read in your recent marketing email for your ‘research tour’ of distressed Memphis real estate (see below) that you say I’ve been ‘dispersing lies’ about you. That is certainly not my intention and I am unaware of any statements (of mine) that you could be referring to.

Could you please supply me with specific examples of any statements I have made to support your extraordinary claim that I am ‘dispersing lies’?
What lies do you say I have dispersed about you and how are my statements untrue? I await your reply.

In a series of unsatisfactory email replies throughout the day Dean Letfus served me an extra dollop of his paradoxical why-can’t-we-be-friends-you’re-so-neat-but-you’re-sooo-mean-to-me-with-your-relentless-personal-attacks-for-no-reason spiel … but he provided NO examples of alleged lies, saying in part:

It would take me days to go through the multitudes of misinformation you have posted about me and I have no desire to reread any of it again. [sic]

Good grief. Now it’s ‘multitudes of misinformation’. Not exactly confidence-inspiring, is it?

While no examples of alleged “lies” were forthcoming despite my requests, he did mention an issue with a graphic:

… a picture of my silhouette attached to a defamatory article about an unrelated party. My solicitor tried to get me to take action against you over it but I declined. I actually like you and love your writing and you would be my kind of friend as you are sharp and funny.

Phew! How sweet and flattering is that?

Imagine a lawyer inciting their client to ‘take action’ against a blogger based on a “silhouette attached to a defamatory article about an unrelated party”. The blog post in question merely quoted newspaper and other media reports — these were unlikely to be ‘defamatory’, despite Dean’s unsupported assertion. (And he should really save the ‘My lawyer is getting really excited’ BS for people who are a little bit more, er, impressionable — like PropertyTalk? Please.)

He did raise an issue, discussing it in later emails, saying he’s never been associated with Shaun Stenning/Dollar Rose Company’s internet marketing ‘product’ twa.lk. He said ‘I have never even seen TWA.LK let alone sell it’ and that he had not endorsed it … so I sent him this screenshot of his own glowing Facebook comment on the twa.lk Licensee FB page and said ‘That sure looks like an endorsement to me’.

He also appeared in promotional material for an April 2010 Asian tour of ‘Mindset Science Twalk events‘ (apparently aimed at Twa.lk customers keen to learn about ‘Turning Twa.lk into T.WOW!‘) with Shaun Stenning. Dean is quoted as saying:

As a TWa.lk graduate you already have the best internet marketer in the world as your coach. [Comment: Hyperbole alert!] But your biggest key to success is not your ability to develop internet marketing skills.

The difference between success and failure for you is going to be the intranet of your mind. Many of you will think your way to actions that will create failure inspite [sic] of having the help of the world’s best.

So that’s why Shaun and I want to spend 2 days with you making sure you are a winner.We want to teach you how to dominate your own intranet and gain focus, purpose and actions that will literally change your life.

Oh and just for the record, in case you think I am somebody special or gifted.
I was kicked out of school at 16 and never attended university or gained any formal qualifications. I had my 18th birthday in prison and was well on my way to destroying my brain with drugs and alcohol. I was bankrupt at 25 and nearly bankrupt again at 40.

It’s pretty clear Dean Letfus is part of the Stenning ‘make money online’ performing troupe. Perhaps the reported ‘refund movement’ and criticism is creating some anxiety?

But publicly calling me a liar as some sort of backlash will prove to be no panacea.

Facts are stated to the best of my knowledge and commentary is my honest opinion. Corrections or clarifications are always welcome by email. Comments are open.
– Best wishes, Peter Aranyi © 2011 All rights reserved.