The email disclaimer emperor has no clothes, according to this article from The Economist

Good on The Economist for asking the obvious question (click)

I was never impressed with plonkers like Shaun Stenning fatuously filling up their email disclaimers (example here) with nonsense — it looked like a bush-lawyer’s attempt to intimidate the gullible.

As for this mush …

The information presented in this email is for educational purposes only. Any information given by Dean Letfus and or any associated party or employee of Massive Action Ltd, is given purely as illustrations and should not under any circumstances be construed as specific investment, financial or legal advice. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material presented, Massive Action Limited and their representatives will not bear any responsibility or liability for action taken by any person on the basis of information presented from this email. The information presented is based on Massive Action Limited’s own views as Property investors and advisors and as such it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that no person make an investment decision until such time as their individual needs and desires have been assessed by qualified financial advisors and specialist professionals that are totally independent of Massive Action Ltd and Dean Letfus and any associated party.

… none of that formal-sounding pap should protect anyone from liability for their hyperbolic marketing assertions — especially if they’re hawking sadly under-performing property ‘investments’ or vacuous and disappointing supposedly-money-making-internet-cashflow-machines in an ‘educational’ guise like others. In my opinion.

Tip o’ the hat to John Gruber Daring Fireball