What would you grab? Client database, contacts and accounts? Pic: The Press (click)

One of the unspeakably tragic deaths in the Christchurch earthquake was that of one victim who reportedly escaped from a shop with the owner, then ‘dashed back’ inside to grab her cellphone (perhaps to ring family and check on them/let them know she was OK?) and died when the building collapsed on her.

We’re all told in a fire to never go back into the building for possessions … this same precaution would probably have saved Ms Murphy’s life. Ghastly.

Now look at this photo from The Press (right) showing a man who appears to have ‘grabbed’ his business computers … to secure the information and records on them, most likely. I’m glad he’s alive, but gee, it looks like he took a risk, didn’t he? We’ll never know.

What do you save? Is it worth the risk? Tough one.

My sincere condolences to Ms Murphy’s family, and to all those who’ve lost loved ones or suffered in this disaster.