While I generally get on well with most people I meet, I can sometimes be socially clumsy, or gauche, and fail miserably in my communications from time to time (as some people are wont to point out here now and then, bless them), but I try to (a) be consistent — the same person in all situations, which I see as an issue of integrity*, and (b) be myself — if something strikes me as funny, I’ll laugh out loud, or add a quip of my own. (Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t.)

Geeks (and I am one) can be really funny — think of ‘The IT Crowd‘ TV show — which just totally cracks me up. I love it when I come across a bit of ‘character’ in technical documentation.

Latest example: I used an iPhone app called Stitch-It! to put together the SMS message thread in my earlier post today: So, Circle app, this is your INTRODUCTION to me? Being sneaky with my friend’s contacts? Are you serious? … there’s a built-in tutorial about how to use  Stitch-It!

Look at the completely ‘unnecessary’ (but smile-inducing) dig in Step 2 of the instructions …

Stitich-it-tutorial 1390

A nice little tool for stitching screen shots together — Stitch It! (click for iTunes info)

Not a big laugh, but hey, still funny. It displays character. Nice one.

– P

* Of course I fail. But I allow myself to ‘contradict myself’ at times, like Walt Whitman.