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Rotating through the (political, really) excuses for climate change scepticism (denial, really)

Quite a nice post at the Skeptical Science website about The Quantum Theory of Climate Denial Similar nonsensical behaviour [to framing Schrödinger’s cat as ‘simultaneously’ alive and dead] happens with people who deny the scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming. There are various states of climate denial, with some states contradicting others. For […]

Property market predictions … and damage control

Here’s my latest article on the Empower Education website … Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble (with apologies to Shakespeare)* … any comments welcome there. -P * Because in Macbeth Act 4 Scene 1, the witches actually chant: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Success is sometimes just a matter of ‘beating the averages’

From the Colliding Worlds department, here’s an article I just posted at the Empower Education website … Comments & discussion welcome there. – P

Puffery. Lies by another name?

I saw the emergence recently of a new ‘grassroots’ lobbying group and, unlike some spluttering online commenters, chuckled to see the personnel involved. It would be unfair and potentially misleading to call David Farrar, Jordan Williams and John Bishop members of a government/public relations rogues’ gallery, so I won’t. And anyway, seriously, how could anyone […]

Some people use this as a checklist, some as a menu

I spotted this poster in the student health centre at my son’s new school (for next year). It made me consider the actions of some who seem to cycle their way though these behaviours without any apparent balance or accountability. Worth considering. Then there’s this, from a blog post-combined-with-a-bit-of-self-promotion (no foul) by reputation management company […]

The same post-election vindictiveness we’re seeing in Washington DC? Probably.

If one loses an election (or the candidate/Party one was hoping would win loses it) there are a number of options for dealing with that. This is all I need to know about the political machinations behind a recent public humiliation … accompanied by a sworn affidavit. Ms Chuang was unable to be reached for […]

Frankly, I can’t see how ‘bomber’ Matthew Hooton can survive as a political commentator [UPDATED]

I honestly hadn’t bothered listening to Matthew Hooton’s foaming hit-job on the new Opposition Leader on Radio NZ National earlier this week, but having heard a statement and ‘apology’ from Radio NZ’s Kathyrn Ryan (below) — issued through clenched teeth this morning — I went to the RNZ website and listened to it. Wow. What […]

Left and Right: useful when doing the hokey cokey, but past its use-by date for politics?

“I put my right hand in, I put my right hand out, In out, in out. shake it all about. …” — words to the popular 1940s participation song (from Wikipedia) Prompted by Bill Ralston’s use of the label ‘the Left’ above and an earlier comment in another thread wherein Ivan says: I’m not a […]

On vulgar, irrational, deceitful misinformation campaigns

This, from Jon Stewart talking about Fox News, put me in mind of some of the oily local propagandists and liars who demonstrate a similar nasty, negative, fixation with ‘the left’ and reflexively spin their personal attack lines against public and private figures who represent it … After showing a montage of Fox clips, Stewart […]

Using clips of viral video in an election campaign …

This political ad campaign video by German metalworkers’ union IG Metall uses viral YouTube videos to pose policy questions in the run-up to the German elections on 22 September. Angela Merkel’s conservative coalition has a strong lead over Peer Steinbrück’s Social Democrats (SPD) in opinion polls. It’s an idea worthy of Simon Lusk. – P […]

So … I guess this means there must be ‘unfair’ trade bananas?

As I have disclosed here before, I am a pretty shallow person. Like most of us, I’m taken up most of the time with matters in my own circles of concern and influence. (Apologies to Stephen Covey.) So, until I saw these bananas (above) on my kitchen bench today, it had never occurred to me […]

Perception vs reality

He wasn’t the first to say it, but he was the first I heard say it, and he said it with such passion. Then Prime Minister1 Geoffrey Palmer, whose book Unbridled Power? was one of the texts I’d studied in politics at Victoria University, said, with feeling: “In politics, perception becomes reality.” — The Right […]

“… serious criminal offences …” *

From ACT Party insider Simon Carr’s slender volume The Dark Arts of Politics… In the end, despite attempts at distraction (or bluster) the evidence speaks for itself … and is often inescapable. For my own part, I try to be a reasonable person, remaining open to negotiation where possible. But only up to a point. – P […]

You’re doing ‘hit-pieces’ on government critics, now David? Seriously?

You may remember the name David Farrar. I write about him here now and then, usually fairly affectionately (well, comparatively). David Farrar showing WhaleOil how it’s done Negative credibility sux, eh @whaleoil? eh @dpfdpf? I’d double-check if they told me what day it was A study in spin. And Farrar lends a hand … Wailing […]

Two comedians speak up against animal testing

The ACT Party’s sole MP John Banks faced mockery and disrespect for his stand against animal testing in recent Parliamentary debate about amendments to the Psychoactive Substances Bill. Some people questioned his sanity or his social policy ‘priorities’. That’s a pretty harsh assessment, I thought when I heard it, but fair enough. Fair comment. A […]