I was idly checking the 2011 election results on the Electorial Commission’s website tonight, to doublecheck my basis for recently referring to fringe political party ACT as the one-point-one percenters … they got 1.07% of the vote … and look:

Referral to the Police 2 February 2012

The Electoral Commission has referred the following matter to the Police:

ACT on Campus ‘Not your typical party’ flyer, baseball cap and t-shirt.

It is the Electoral Commission’s view that the publication of the ACT on Campus flyer, baseball cap and t-shirts constitutes a breach of sections 204F and 204H of the Electoral Act 1993 because the items are election advertisements that did not contain a valid promoter statement and were not authorised in writing by the ACT party secretary.

As this matter is now with the Police, the Electoral Commission will not be commenting further.

How strange (er, not!) that the fixated right wing attack bloggers who so studiously and vociferously whack their perceived enemies on the ‘left’ for such misdemeanors and infractions have been … silent. Unless I missed something other than Homepaddock‘s mention discovered later. (That’s not to say I classify him that way!)

Those others just probably just missed the news, huh?

– P