Actually, I read this introduction to a David Cunliffe blog post (apparently. I haven’t read it) as jovial, a play on words.

“The original brief was to respond to a post by Judith Collins. My post was going to be about snapper, not trout. But considering that issue, along with Judith’s leadership aspirations, has floundered, I’ll try another hook.”

But, Shock! Horror! Sexist! apparently. (Even though Mrs Collins routinely refers to him in derogatory terms, complete with a boarding school-style nickname.)

Here. Try this (below). Not even Judith “Crusher” Collins’ most sensitive wee petals could deny it.

Cunliffe to Collins trout- troll-1

Surprise! They don’t like each other. Duh. (I’m sure they have their reasons.)

Politicians can be such dorks.

– P