This year’s version of Jon Stewart’s intelligent, robust examination of clichéd, reactive, shallow, artificially partisan media and, to a certain extent, a dollop of intellectual humiliation for its players (Think Crossfire’s Tucker Carlson in particular) occurred on Sunday.

Heralded with headlines like “Jon Stewart Eviscerates Fox News On Fox News“, “Stewart in the Lion’s Den” or “Jon Stewart LIVE On Fox News, Tells Host ‘You’re Insane’” Stewart’s interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace is fascinating — at least it is for those (like me) who consider matters like media bias and sensationalism and the very real ideological ‘game’ Fox News plays real issues …

Jon Stewart lifts the intellectual discussion on Fox News and calls them out for their relentless partisan ideological agenda and dishonesty (click to watch video)

Stewart is so much more than ‘a comedian’ … bravo.

Video (courtesy of Fox News) below the fold.