Melinda Doolittle — talent in bucketloads (click for YouTube video)

American Idol. You either like it or hate it. I’m in the former camp. I enjoy the talent and the ‘quest’ that the show provides … but winning the popular vote isn’t an indicator of talent.

Plenty of ‘also-rans’ were super-talented and (in my eyes) more interesting than the eventual winners. I will NEVER forget how moved I was by Melinda Doolittle. Just wonderful!

And Adam Lambert was head and shoulders … etc. That’s life. I wish them well.

Those of us who watch the show have been struck by the change in the judging line-up. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopaz joined Randy Jackson. It’s worked really well, with the pair of them bringing a positive energy to the auditions. Well, that’s what I was thinking… and it looks like TV reviewer Jon Caramanica, writing in the NY Times, agrees.

“Steven Tyler is an unalloyed genius.” Read this…

Alpha male and 'unalloyed genius' Steven Tyler — click to read at