Just back from my school camp/tropical island holiday (ha!) and look what was on the fax machine: A new scam looking for victims…

Fishy? Yup.

Yellow Pages Group is warning its small business customers not to be sucked in by a scam that asks for their details so that they can be listed online.
The faxed request from a company called Yellow-Directory-NEWZEALAND has been identified as a scam by the Department of Internal Affairs.
It asks customers to sign up for a listing period of two years at $140 per month.
Yellow Pages says people should ”exercise extreme care” when engaging with the company. … stuff.co.nz

Here’s the fine print they probably don’t want you to read … “Should the client elect to have its data removed from the listing payment is still required.” [At $140 per month!]

Fishhooks and broken glass. Or 'fine print' as it's known. (click to enlarge)

Dorks. But (shockingly) it must work!

Oh dear.

– P