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The escape of exnzpat, Part 4

The Attic I woke from my dream.  Looking up I found both Lilith and Lincoln staring down at me.  Lincoln licked my face, I pushed him gently aside. “Yeah Okay, that’s enough Lincoln.”  I rubbed the sleep and his slobber from my eyes. I stood, saying nothing more.  It was dark outside now and the rain […]

Perfect Symmetry, Episode 6

James shuffled slowly to the edge of the railing.  He was afraid of what he might find.  No human could survive in this atmosphere without the proper apparel.  The girl had been wearing a dress of all things!  Something like one might wear to the summer picnic at the lake!  James gripped the railing, knocking […]

The escape of exnzpat, Part 3

Lincoln In my dream I saw a man.  It was me.  And I remember this… “…I can feel the walls closing in on me: banks, brokers, lenders, wives, children, and dogs — especially dogs!  Where was Lincoln?  “That Bad Dog!”  There… there he was on the dining room floor.  The floor I spent hours sanding […]

The escape of exnzpat, Part 2

Conversation with an Angel “Lincoln?” I asked again. A sharp bark reverberated through me. “It is you!  It’s really you; but how?” I called out delightedly. And then…  Something more: Lincoln was not alone!

The escape of exnzpat, Part 1

Conversation with a madman It is important, I think, to explain more fully the circumstance that has brought me to this strange and terrible place, which up until a year ago, was an unremarkable life. There are gaps in my memory – of this you know – but more – there are gaps in the […]

The Introduction ends…

Return to the Rental… Well, it is done; safe or not.  If I can get this over and done with before June and I’ll be back in the Hamptons just as the summer begins – only a few important parties missed.  In June, the real party season begins, boating, drinking, mingling and women.  If I’m […]

The Introduction continues…

Hmmm… I had hoped to be done with this nonsense but it seems that exnzpat is not going to let me enjoy my summer! I have received so many emails asking as to exnzpat’s health I should perhaps address that issue first… Murder in any sense, but especially in reality, is neither sensational nor exciting […]

By way of an introduction

Publisher’s note: Exnzpat’s own “exnzpat buys a rental” story starts here. Read from oldest to newest. ———– I would like to introduce myself. My real name is of no importance; however, by way of introduction, I should tell you that I was an attorney for this State’s Public Defender’s Office until just last year. A […]