A couple of days ago, I commented how a google search led me to a website offering training courses in pick up lines for women … and, judging by the ads on the site, punters in the market for that valuable, um, service also appear interested in paying to learn Gambling tips.

Today I dropped over to TUAW.com (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) a website I follow, looking for more tips and features of Apple’s new iOS5 which I installed the other day … and LOOK what’s at the bottom — in the ‘You might like…’ space on two consecutive posts…

Spotted the theme? (I’ve added a red box.) What does that tell us? Yep.

Geeks like bikini shots! {snort!}

Know your audience. TUAW seems to have worked out geeks want a bit of ... light relief from their geeking. I guess.

You can’t argue with the science.

– P