National list MP Aaron Gilmore’s arrogance demeans all MPs.

People get drunk and obnoxious, some every weekend. But thrusting your freshly-printed Parliamentary business card in the face of a waiter who has judged you to be too intoxicated for continued wine service, then proving it by threatening the have the Prime Minister’s Office (!) terminate the “dickhead” waiter’s employment — that’s a special level of dickheadedeness.*

gilmore sleazy headline-crop

Still, the affair has provoked some fun in the media. My nominations for the inaugural Aaron Gilmore ‘Who’s the dickhead?’ awards are as follows :

Best headline: Andrea Vance DomPost:

PM facing calls to deal to sleazy MP

(Sadly muted in the online version to PM facing calls to deal to MP)

Best opening line: Matthew Hooton, NBR Why Aaron Gilmore should resign, but won’t

“I am the last person to criticise someone for getting rolling drunk. …”

Most revealing open mockery: Rebecca Wright Campbell Live Inside the mind of Aaron Gilmore

Most succinct analysis: Colin Espiner,
‘Happy’ Gilmore’s political career likely to be brief

“The trouble for National is that Gilmore has played up to exactly the sort of born-to-rule Tory, I’m-more-important-than-you stereotype that John Key has worked so hard to dismantle. What makes it even worse is that Gilmore is a political nobody …”

How one lives a public life is a test of character.


– P

PS Other nominations and suggestions welcome in comments.

* Read lawyer Andrew Riches’s extremely plausible account of the evening’s events (PDF)