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From a NZ Herald article today by Helen Frances, ‘Beware narcissists in workplace‘ …

People who habitually make such grandiose statements combined with other, often intractable, behaviours may have narcissistic personality traits. Simpson has spent the past six years researching narcissism in the workplace for a PhD and concludes organisations are better off not hiring people with the traits.

He says their performance and productivity tend to fall short of their claims and their inability to integrate socially can affect staff morale.

Yep. Constantly falling short of their hyperbolic claims, but not taking responsibility for that underperformance — it’s always somebody else’s fault.

From experience, a friend of mine thinks sociopaths who are compulsive liars are even worse — and not just for staff morale. Read the article and you’ll see these people interview really well … but often are then a real disappointment and, significantly, almost completely uncorrectable. They take feedback really personally.

– P