Not a flattering headline, but I’m sure they have their reasons for the [reported] backpeddle after this brave start back in March: Google ‘leaves’ China over censorship

Will Google roll over for China?

By Marianne Barriaux | NZ Herald Wednesday Jun 30, 2010

BEIJING – Google has changed tack in China to address government complaints about its attempts to evade censorship, as it vied to get its business licence renewed in the world’s largest online market.

The US web giant said it would stop automatically redirecting mainland Chinese users to an unfiltered site in Hong Kong, a process it began in March in response to censorship and cyberattacks it claims came from China.

“It’s clear from conversations we have had with Chinese government officials that they find the redirect unacceptable – and that if we continue redirecting users, our Internet Content Provider licence will not be renewed,” Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond said on the company’s blog.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find Google’s attachment to the valued Chinese-government issued ‘Internet Content Provider licence’ funny?

Internet Content Provider? Who? Google? Content provider?’Content’? Whose content? as Rupert Murdoch might ask. (Just a minor amusement.)