Remember my review of Geekversity spruiker Shaun Stenning‘s YouTube Traffic Thieves report… An odious little volume?

Apparently news aggregator site (parent of Gizmodo, receivers of stolen iPhone prototypes) recently used one of the dodgy ‘tricks’ promoted by the young guru’s mephitic ‘e-book’ i.e pinching someone else’s video and uploading it to get ‘their’ traffic.

Charlie Todd spills the beans:

So posted about my Star Wars Subway Car video today, but instead of embedding my video from YouTube like the rest of the Internet does, they ripped it from YouTube and uploaded it to their own site without permission.

So I get no credit for any of the views of the video on their site. How nice! Also, by uploading their own ripped version of the video, they can prevent me from seeing any AdSense revenue and focus on making their own money from the ads surrounding the post. Awesome!

And they link to Buzzfeed at the end of the post rather than, you know, linking to the group that made the video they ripped off. Cool! Oh, and to top it off, they throw in a little snarky comment about this being an upgrade from our previous antics. Sweet!
Thanks! It’s such an honor to have you take my content in full and use it for your own benefit!

UPDATE: fixed this at my request.  
Charlie’s blog

Looks like Gawker actually DOES feel shame. (Who woulda thunk it?)

As I said to a friend of mine, it looks like some people think stealing YouTube content is the formula to success… until they’re confronted about it.