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Another stab at big-O objective journalism/media

He’s wonderful, huh? Go and read the whole thing at Maria Popova’s site. I was a fan a Hunter S. Thompson long before I got into journalism — I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while I was still at high school, back in the days when I was listening to Pink Floyd’s album Meddle […]


I’m reading this oral history-style biography of one of my heroes, Hunter S. Thompson which I picked up at Real Groovy in Queen Street last weekend. Good book. I’ve been reading Thompson since being astonished by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the late1970s. I always found his writing worthwhile, particularly his political reportage […]

Attention to details

Following up on some people’s sensitivity to Facebook comments, I understand singer Gin Wigmore is very particular about her image — and fair enough, too. That’s an important thing to keep under control. Michelle Hewitson, interviewing her for the NZ Herald, said: [Gin Wigmore] won’t be photographed without hair and make-up, her record company said, […]