Some people have expressed concern about how I use language on this blog. This, from Ivan, recently, got me thinking ….

I find your posts to often be … sinuous, reptilian, complex and sometimes (seemingly) self-backslapping in nature and like a property developer’s version of an unsolvable rubiks cube. People are scared to admit they don’t understand your writings for fear of appearing gauche and unintelligent …

My first thought was: Well! There’s a review for the scrapbook … or to print out and put over the mantlepiece.

Then I recalled that I’d recently also been characterised [by others] as a devious and clever ‘spinmeister’ devilishly using a multi-layered approach to … words … for malign effect.

Apparently, I’m seen by some as sooo insincere in my ‘work’ here that I twist and distort ‘the truth’ using carefully coded messages embedded in my prose to create false impressions, defend the indefensible and generally … be … mean.

They don’t actually say this next bit, but they seem to imply that I set out to stir up ‘base’ emotions: outrage, passion, anger, fear, suspicion, ridicule (oops, not an emotion) — all aimed to create havoc and heartache for good people.

Nobody really knows why I’m such a loathsome toe-rag. Or why I do it — for kicks? Because I’m ‘intimately invested’? Just plain irascibility? Or is it some idiotic naivety?

Well, as my 16 year old daughter says, ‘Cool story bro.’

If I had to offer a theory, I’d blame truth and honest opinion. (But self-backslapping runs a close second.)

– P

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