Authorities have released an image from security camera footage of one of the [alleged] perpetrators of an electoral ‘dirty-deal’ sealed in Auckland yesterday.

Natiional Party leader (and ACT's greatest electoral asset) John Key leaving the scene of the 'crime'. (Pic: Peter Aranyi) UPDATED with explanatory note for Cameron Slater.

Anyone with knowledge of the incident, carried out in front of about 40 journalists* and cameramen, should um … well, they should, er … gee … well, what can they do?

* I was one of them:

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Or link to MP3 file.

You see, John Key’s “clear signal” to Epsom National Party supporters to ‘vote tactically’ and cast their electorate vote for ACT’s (cough) candidate John Banks is NOT ACTUALLY ILLEGAL (nor even immoral in my view) … despite shrieks of outrage from some of National and ACT’s opponents about ‘rorting the system’.

But personally, it doesn’t strike me as particularly authentic either.

A nod is as good as a wink. ACT Epsom candidate John Banks receives National Party leader John Key's imprimatur. (Pic: Peter Aranyi)

Not their finest hour.

– P