This is an eye-opening discussion re security/surveillance and the problematic tensions and self-censoring of media organizations over redactions.

Sarah Harrison (in conversation with Alexa O’Brien) on Wikileaks’ evolving ‘archive’ and ‘history’ mission versus carefully filtered redacted documents — “media organizations working with governments is corrupting”.

See what she says about US State Department trying to set up a basis for ‘intent’ to ‘create harm’. She says Wikileaks has learned that “dealing with governments opens yourself up to be leaned on”.

See what she says about the Pentagon spin machine and their pre-packed PR defence campaign re Wikileaks/cablegate versus the Snowden NSA disclosures which caught the=m by surprise. (Stung by the propaganda attacks, Wikileaks had tried to liaise with the US authorities over the Canblegate release … this consultation giving the US a stick to beat them with).

Strategies. Worth watching.

Update: Here’s a link to an MP3 file of the audio [41 MB] so you can do what I did this morning and listen to it again while out for a walk. There’s a lot in this discussion, a lot that’s important, in my opinion.

– P