I heard excerpts of this interview on BBC PM early this morning — and wanted to watch it. I’m glad I did.

Good to see the ‘despondency message’ (“Why vote? It doesn’t matter”) Brand has promoted being challenged.

Miliband’s points – making change through politicians can be hard work, slower than you want, and subject to well-funded and powerful opposition (including from the media) were, no doubt tailored to this audience, but I wouldn’t call them inauthentic – would you? It’s not easy – for the citizens or the politicians. And change takes time.

See what you think. (Is Miliband right about media moguls like Rupert Murdoch being “much less powerful than he used to be”? Hmm. Maybe.)

You may also be interested in this earlier post which featured the infamous(?), wonderful, lively, Jeremy Paxman interview with Russell Brand — which was the context for the interview above:
Orchestrating smear campaigns against your rivals is seen as dodgy in business, so what about politics?

– P

PS I know some of my friends won’t be impressed. That’s OK.