Presented without comment today, Friday, before coalition negotiations to form the next New Zealand government begin in earnest.  (I’ve left it out of blockquote style to aid legibility.)

Winston Peters

Rt Hon Winston Peters
New Zealand First Leader
Member of Parliament for Northland
18 November 2016

National Never Out of the Trough

It seems as though the National Party is never out of the trough with its latest ‘jobs-for-the-boys’ recipient, says New Zealand First.

“Former Cabinet Minister Tony Ryall was appointed to the board of Trustpower on May 2 and on September 30 he became Chairman,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“What Tony Ryall knows about electricity reticulation heaven only knows, but then inappropriate appointments from National has been the order of the day.

“The National Party went ahead with the appointment despite Treasury advising otherwise.

“Treasury opposed the new appointment on the basis that the ‘national grid operator had gone through too much turnover at the top and Mark Verbiest should remain chair for longer’ (NZ Herald, November 18, 2016).

“This is yet another example of National’s unabashed arrogance and cronyism.

“Many of these candidates leave parliament quoting ‘fresh challenges’ and ‘new opportunities’ but come back to dip into the public purse, thanks to their National Party connections.

“In short, they are long on free enterprise and the market until it comes to their own egregious self-interest.

“Mr Ryall joins a long list of National Party appointments, including: Phil Heatley, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (Board); Eric Roy, Landcorp Farming Limited (Board); Wayne Mapp, Law Commissioner; Georgina Te Heuheu, Maori Television (Board); Kate Wilkinson, Environment Court (Commissioner); Jenny Shipley, Canterbury earthquake roles, Genesis Energy (Chair); Katherine Rich, Apec Business Advisory Council, Health Promotion Agency, Agriculture Emissions Trading Scheme Advisory Committee; Michelle Boag, Middle East Business Council (Executive Advisor); and many, many more.

“The real issue here with some exceptions is how many had no qualifications for these positions before they came to parliament, gained no experience that improved that limitation whilst in parliament, and are now beneficiaries of the public purse to the extent that it would make a rabid sponger embarrassed.

“This is just a short list, there have been hundreds of other appointments made purely for political preference and not for ability and experience, and not for contributions to the industries and businesses affected.

“New Zealand First intends to tip their trough upside down.”


Source: Scoop Business