Ralph Loura, the CIO of Clorox recently revealed the uptake when employees were given their choice of (smart)phone.

Loura so far has replaced 6,000 desktop and tower computers with lightweight HP laptops, and got rid of company-issued Blackberries while letting workers choose between an iPhone or Android or Window Phone 7-powered smartphone. The company has issued 2,000 smartphones, 92% of which are iPhones. About 6% of the smartphones chosen were Android-based while 2% were Windows Phone 7 devices.
“We live in public cloud for mail and messaging. I don’t have to worry about security because I don’t sync data to the iPhones. It remains in the cloud,” he said.

by Lucas Mearian, reporting for ComputerWorld (via John Gruber Daring Fireball)

92%? Calling all fanboys.