Alec Baldwin makes a point about what September 11 has pushed off the agenda. I think what he says is good.

I believe what has been lost since 9/11 is any real discussion of peace as a component of our foreign policy. You almost never hear anyone talk about peace now. I understand that there are malignant forces who want not only to be out from under what they perceive as American Imperialism, but want to execute, in collegiate wrestling terms, a “reverse.” They want us on our backs on the mat. They want to destroy us, not simply negotiate with us more effectively.

There are wars that need to be fought. I get that. I was simply never sure that this was one of them. That this was the best way to proceed. That it would ultimately achieve our long term goals. Which, in the end, should include… peace.

I don’t have a lot to add this year either.

– P