Much of the nation is reeling from Superstorm Sandy. As families rebuild from Sandy’s destruction, our thoughts are with the victims of this horrific, fossil-fueled storm.

When Gov. Mitt Romney made climate change a punch line at the Republican National Convention, he mocked a real threat to the lives of Americans.

We can’t let Mitt get away with his laughing dismissal of the threat of rising seas caused by the carbon polluters who fund his campaign. Share this ad with friends and family to tell Romney: climate change isn’t a joke.

from: Tell Mitt Romney: climate change isn’t a joke

That cynical putdown of climate change consciousness must have looked so good on paper, and the pandering Etch-A-Sketch candidate delivered his punchline well — although biting his lip was too theatrical for my taste.

Now it just looks typically short-sighted. But then remember: Romney was a ‘vulture capitalist’ according to Rick Perry, and never a long-term investor. He’s 65, so his timeline is different. These things matter in the climate change debate.

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