Relativity - MC Escher

Relativity - MC Escher

The internet is becoming this thing where it’s just people trying to become successful on the internet by showing other people how to become successful on the internet.

It’s this unbelievably fractal ponzi scheme. It’s very Escher.

Boy, it’s a terrible terrible ghetto of information out there. It’s like a snake masturbating its own tail.

It’s miserable.

— Merlin Mann Aug 2009 on In Box Zero (transcript)

At the risk of being thought a derivative fan-boy, Merlin is saying what I’ve been thinking … gulp … especially about the new breed of shallow self-proclaimed ‘experts’ hyping up their affiliate programmes selling, you guessed it: ‘How to make money on the internet’.

But there are exceptions. Merlin’s one. So is Fake Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, the delightful Havi Brooks and, someone I’ve recently discovered, Humorless Bitch.

Any other recommendations? Pop them into Comments, if you like.