'File-sharing' was always a euphemism for copyright theft, in my opinion.


LimeWire hammered in copyright case

11:36 AM Thursday May 13, 2010 | NZ Herald [AP story]

LOS ANGELES – File-sharing software company LimeWire has lost a court battle to the major recording companies.

LimeWire has lost its fight with US record companies - but won't be shut down immediately (image: NZ Herald)

A judge with the US District Court in New York ruled this week that the company and its Chairman Mark Gorton were liable for inducing copyright infringement.

The decision doesn’t mean the site will shut down right away. The record labels and LimeWire are to meet with Judge Kimba Wood on June 1 to determine the next steps, such as a possible deal to work together going forward.

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Limewire, like Napster and Bit Torrent and Pirate Bay before it — not to mention the discussion yesterday about YouTube’s cascade of nudge-nudge-wink-wink double-talk — have been part of the ‘freeloader culture’ that’s seen a erosion (am I imagining it? Maybe) of intellectual property rights. Taking what’s not yours, or without proper attribution or exchange (e.g. royalties) is an issue of character, in my view.*

As Andrew Keen says, “… we shouldn’t tolerate stealing as the road to profit”.

* My standard disclaimer: (I ain’t saying I’m perfect!) applies. More thoughts on copyright here.