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It’s interesting, blood-boiling reading in places. I got hooked just on the Skeleton Argument document (PDF 550K)

12. Julian Assange (JA), the head of Wikileaks, arrived in Sweden in August and stayed by invitation at the flat of the first complainant for a week, save for the night of 16th-17th August in which he stayed by invitation at the flat of the second complainant. On 20th August these complainants, who had the previous day discovered that he had slept with each of them, went to the police and a prosecutor formulated an offence of rape (in the case of the second complainant) and lesser offences of sexual assault (in the case of the first complainant). An acting prosecutor unlawfully disclosed to the press that Mr. Assange was suspected of rape, and that was a front page news story in Sweden and throughout the world.

The rape allegation was dismissed by Stockholm’s senior prosecutor Eva Finne on 25th August and Mr. Assange voluntarily attended a police station on 30th August to answer questions about these lesser charges. The dismissal of the rape allegation was appealed to Ms. Ny, a prosecutor for gender crimes in Gothenberg, and Ms. Ny upheld the appeal and reinstated it on the 1st September, appointing her the new prosecutor.

There were offers by JA, through his lawyer Mr. Hurtig, to attend for interviews prior to his leaving Sweden on 27th September, and he offered to return on 10th October but that was not acceptable. In the event, he offered to answer questions by telephone, Skype, videolink etc from London, to attend at the Swedish Embassy or Scotland Yard’s interview suite or pursuant to a request for mutual legal assistance. These offers were all rejected by Ms. Ny who on November 18th applied for an EAW. In so far as this conflicts with Ms. Ny’s statement, or she disputes the chronology, these matters await cross-examination of Ms. Ny and Mr. Hurtig.