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I said yesterday in Setting a narrative: ‘aggressive’ ‘hostile’ ‘antagonistic’ ‘tabloid’ media that I thought the prime minister’s comments criticizing the media (and especially the NZ Herald) were an oh-so-deliberate attempt to characterise future criticism of the Key administration as an aggressive, sensationalist news media lowering standards to desperately chase sales/readers/viewers.

Defensively denigrating the news media, in other words. That’s just how I saw the comments. Perhaps I’m wrong.

Here’s a brief two minute clip of former NZ Herald editor Gavin Ellis on Kathryn Ryan’s Nine to noon show on Radio NZ today.

I think he sees it the same way, describing Mr Key’s interview comments as ‘tactical‘ and ‘second term stuff‘…

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The full Media with Gavin Ellis discussion (11 min) is available at the Radio NZ website here.

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