Who is Luigi WewegeLike this uncalled-for example, for instance, from this morning’s NZ Herald Who is Luigi Wewege?:

John Palino man’s links to the National Party’s youth wing

The political organiser who asked Len Brown’s mistress to reveal their affair belongs to the National Party youth wing.
The Herald revealed yesterday that Luigi Wewege, a key member of right-winger John Palino’s mayoral campaign, was in a relationship with Bevan Chuang and wanted her to expose the Auckland mayor’s infidelity.
Mr Wewege had also been involved in the campaign for Simon O’Connor, the National MP for Tamaki.
Others described him as an acolyte of Simon Lusk, a campaign strategist for right-wing political candidates, saying he had attended several of Mr Lusk’s summer camp training sessions.

Oh, poor Simon Lusk.
It’s not like he has form for behind-the-scenes political manipulation and ‘dark arts’ negative campaigning or anything, like that odious Matthew Hooton. (Oh, wait …)

Funny, I mentioned on Twitter Wednesday evening …

Twitter _ onThePaepae_ It intrigues me when visits ...

For me, some of Simon’s best work is his self-promotion — for instance, the implicit guarantee-but-not-really provided here …

In 2014 and 2017 there will be retirements of many longstanding National MPs who hold safe blue seats. The successful candidates at selection will have long political careers. Candidates should decide whether professional advice is a worthwhile investment for the chance of a lifetime, or if they should rely on well meaning amateurs who may not bring the same experience and professionalism to the campaign.
Professional Fees
Simon charges fixed fees with incentives for winning. These are discussed with clients and agreed on before undertaking the campaign, and an initial part payment is sought before taking on a client.
Simon can provide an hourly rate for clients but prefers to operate on a fixed fee.

With marketing copy like that, I can see why people of the calibre of Luigi Wewege (frontrunner for ‘Love Rat of the Year’ according to The Listener‘s Jane Clifton) would be, … um, … be … um, … attracted to the likes of Simon Lusk and Slater & Son (‘Putting the sleaze back into oil’).

And yes, despite John Key standing by his ‘minus 1 out of 10’ rating for  Simon Lusk, and the unfortunately-documented  Simon Lusk stigma, it seems Simon is still a ‘factor’ on the rural hard right rump of the National Party. (A furuncle, Michael Woodhouse might say.)

SgtShultzBoy oh boy, failed ‘centre right’ (cough) mayoral candidate John Palino must be wondering what else his campaign manager, former National Party President John Slater knows NOTHING about. And what else his social media manager Mr Luigi Wewege didn’t tell him. (There’s a team you can trust. Not.)

‘Emotional abuse’, ‘bullying for political gain’

I must say I’m relieved to see some sensible pushback from an ethical person (judging solely by these comments, I don’t know her) in the Young Nationals …

Mr Wewege’s messages were criticised by Brittany Raleigh, the chairwoman of the Young Nats’ northern region, who called it “emotional abuse”.
“It’s important that we speak out against bullying those you’re in an intimate relationship with for personal political gain,” she wrote on Facebook.

Yes, well said. As I’ve said elsewhere, the woman in this scandal (and it is a legitimate scandal) has been used and abused, then used again, from the looks of it, manipulated and then finally thrown under a bus by Slater & Son (S Cook, associate). So it’s good to see a Young Nat speaking out. Refreshing.
… although the thing with Young Nats is, you just never know how they’ll turn out later in life:


Young National Murray McCully “…invariably, I find myself disagreeing with some things the National Party is doing.”

Still, there’s always hope. Right?

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