Helen Thomas is the 89 year old White House correspondent who ‘retired’ over her comments that ‘Jews should get the hell out of Palestine’, leave the ‘occupied’ land, and ‘go home’ to Poland, Germany and America. (Yikes! Jon Stewart had a take you can see here via Huffington Post.)

But this interview in Vice magazine is definitely worth reading. Not so much for the Israel stuff but her tough line on journalism and politics. An introductory line for flavour:

Besides, if we were 89 years old and had spent the last five decades watching a steady flow of spin and doubletalk issuing forth from the mouths of countless men (and a select few women) standing behind a podium with the White House seal on it, we might be getting a little grumpy by now too.

There’s a lot more to this woman than meets the eye. Read it at Vice Magazine here where they say: Don’t let Helen Thomas’s views on Israel alone define her for you.

I agree.

On a related note, it’s tragic to see that RabbiLive, who recorded the ‘infamous’ comments that Helen Thomas made so freely and published them (clips in the Daily Show extract above) — to worldwide acclaim, are copping hate mail:

An explosive reaction — and hate mail by the ton (click for link - but be warned: some of it's nasty)