I had the unpleasant experience yesterday of a website I’m involved with (not this one) being hacked and a script loaded onto the landing page to redirect visitors to a malware site. That’s the first time that’s happened to me.

OK, so why would you click 'Ignore Warning'??

As it turns out, every browser I used to try to access the (original) site warned me that ‘target’ site was listed as a malicious site. (see pic) or detected malware. Maybe, as a boffin suggested, the hackers are relying on that subset of visitors to a corrupted site that use old browsers.

It was the work of minutes to remedy the problem, but let me tell you frankly that once the surprise wears off, one does feel aggrieved when this happens. And, of course, vaguely paranoid about what ELSE they had access to while tip-toeing through the tulips in the site’s code.

A friend when in need is a friend indeed. A friend alerted me to the issue (thanks D!) and told me a website in her empire gets attacked routinely. Another friend, the boffin, help me with advice about what to do next.