Nice logo. Shame the business model is based on theft, huh?

As noted in this earlier post, high profile file ‘sharing (or stealing?) service’ Limewire lost a federal case brought against them by outraged record companies.

The death blow/shut down order was suspended in May while the victorious owners and licensees of the intellectual property at issue and the thieves who built a business distributing what wasn’t theirs, tried to see if they could work it out. From the earlier report:

The record labels and LimeWire are to meet with Judge Kimba Wood on June 1 to determine the next steps, such as a possible deal to work together going forward.

I thought at the time: Never.Going.To.Happen.

So, today:

LimeWire file-sharing service shut down by court — NZ Herald

Goodbye Limewire. Thanks for sharing. (Oh, not really.)