Tl;dr version

There’s a been a problem with the email account for The Paepae  since April. Sigh. It’s fixed now. Please re-send anything you need to.  Thanks. -P

Longer version:

So, I went looking for my invitation to be a character witness at the Jordan Williams trial thinking maybe it had gone straight to spam, but discovered a setting was set incorrectly so ALL mail was being deleted on receipt. Unintentionally. 

Yep, ALL emails sent to this blog’s dedicated email account (Gmail, I know. Shame) since April have been deleted before they’ve reached me. Rats. 

It’s fixed now. 

So, if you’ve sent The Paepae an email since 29 April (or Carrick? replied to a reply I sent you) and you haven’t heard back, sorry. 

Try again. I haven’t been rudely  ignoring you. I just haven’t got them. 

– P

PS I’m drafting a note to my pals at @GSCBIntercepts to see if they can help, like that time they remotely reset the clock on my DVR, but they get really stretched around Kim Dotcom hearings, so I’m not too hopeful.