The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has won EIGHT consecutive Emmy awards. Deal with it.

I celebrated last week Jim Parsons winning an Emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Cool.

This news that Jon Stewart and The Daily  Show won an EIGHTH Emmy for Best Variety Show somehow slipped past me. That brilliant, vital show deserves them all.

Dumb sentence of the week award goes to RobotCeleb’s Tim Smith for this timeless prose:

Speculation and shear [sic] animosity is circulating the Internet today, as people are furious that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won this award yet again.

What does that even mean? Speculation and ‘shear’ animosity? (Like clippers? Or like laterally shifted? Er, ‘sheer’, perhaps, Tim? It’s still nonsense IMO.) People are furious?

Actually Tim’s whole story is pretty ungracious if you ask me: “Jon Stewart somehow came out on top and Conan O’Brien got shafted once again.” Riiight. OK, Tim. “Conan O’Brien, the man whom everyone wanted to see win.”

Well, obviously not everyone, huh? Congratulations to Stewart and The Daily Show.