The NZ Herald calls the government’s presentation of proposed teacher cuts dishonest, political humbug and a study in spin.

The fact is that the present moves will make it harder for teachers to deliver quality – and disproportionately harder for teachers in low-decile schools whose pupils are attracted to the subject areas under attack.

If the Government were to present the initiative honestly, as cost-cutting, that unfairness would be plain. Instead, it presents it as a commitment to a nebulous notion of quality, which is really so much political humbug.

Naturally, David Farrar flies to the defence, framing the educators’ bog-obvious statements that larger classes degrade educational quality as ‘assertions’. Oh dear.

I’m not criticising David Farrar for his (ahem) habit  of always lookin’ on the bright side for his team, nor accusing him of being in lock-step with the National-led government’s spin machine. There’s nothing unseemly about his reliability at spinning for National.

Eventually, it just becomes so obvious. It is tribal.

Likewise, the chorus of condemnation from National partisans, some of whom implausibly attempt to blame a recent poor poll result (TVNZ) ‘directly‘ on Hekia Parata, who I personally think is one of the finest people in their caucus. She is a leader,  with ‘X’ factor … not a Hollow Man.  Reminds me of a comment I read about David Lange: “…a lovely man, far too good for politics.”

– P