I enjoyed satirist Steve Braunias talking with Radio NZ’s Jim Mora on his Eight months to Mars slot this week.

As part of it, Steve described his own ‘The Secret Diary of …’ column in the Sunday Star Times as ‘Wretch of the Week’ and disclosed that in getting the voice of the subject right he sometimes comes to ‘despise‘ them. (about 22 mins in the audio below)

I know just what he means.

lumiere.net.nz  — from a profile by Tom Fitzsimons (click)

Sometimes flipping through the semi-literate, self-serving pap that some of those I describe here write and publish at great length on the internet in their unceasing hunt for fresh victims, I feel my bile rising.

The hypocrisy, the naked lies misstatements, the convoluted over-promising marketing bullshit they assiduously pump out to part the naive and gullible from their cash — it leads me to the same conclusion as it does Steve Braunias. Yeah. I see them as contemptible.

Wretches? I can think of better words. (Or worse.)

Here’s the Steve Braunias interview with Jim Mora courtesy of Radio NZ National.
Worth listening to.