Ben Gracewood, explaining why he took a stand and quit his Breakfast TV gig rather than ‘condone racism’:

So when I read this morning that a Breakfast presenter [Paul Henry] has made yet another trolling statement (this time barely veiled racism), I decided I’ve had enough. Previously I’ve had to be circumspect about my responses to his statements, but I’m fucking sick of it. I love our multicultural, vibrant country to death, and anyone who would like to foment racism simply for a laugh or to get more viewers can take a jump.

For the record: I think Paul is an intelligent guy who does an incredibly difficult job making up crap to say for 2.5 hours every morning, with producers talking in his ear. This makes his comments even more abhorrent in my mind: I believe it’s premeditated.

Ben Gracewood's blog - the comments are worth reading as a straw poll (click)

“I do not wish to appear to condone his perspectives by my inaction.”

Yes, he seems to understand this:
Why Speak Up?