Brian J Hogan, your fifteen minutes of fame start NOW.

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Records show a Redwood City address for Hogan about a mile from the bar where he found the phone. …

His attorney says he recently transferred schools and will resume his college education in the fall. He has been working part time at a church-run community center giving swimming lessons to children and volunteered at a Chinese orphanage last year while he was enrolled in a study-abroad program.

“He also volunteers to assist his aunt and sister with fundraising for their work to provide medical care to orphans in Kenya,” his attorney says. “Brian is the kind of young man that any parent would be proud to have as their son.”

Aw, shucks. He works part time at a church-run community centre? Swell.

Awkward question: Er, what about the larceny Brian? SELLING something (for $5,000) someone else handed you in a bar thinking YOU’D lost it!

' identified Hogan as the finder of the prototype by following clues on social network sites, and then confirmed his identity with a source involved in the iPhone find.' (Click to read the story)

I bet there’s going to be any number of awkward questions for this sweet young guy. (First one: Why should anyone believe anything he says?)

Good luck with your employment prospects, huh, Brian.