If you want a laugh, take a look at how Huffington Post’s Tom Sawyer-like approach to getting a logo design for its politics pages — for nothing but a credit — went down. For the business accused of Unjust enrichment (even facing a lawsuit by bloggers who felt they were exploited by Huffington) to cast around for free design services within just a few month of the sale of their souls um website to AOL for $315million was, let’s face it, bound to be seen as tacky.

For the next week or so, we’ll be accepting your proposed designs for a new HuffPost Politics logo. Once we have a good group together, we’ll put them all up for a vote, which will inform the final pick. If yours wins, your icon will be used to represent this channel all over the interwebs — with credit to you, of course.

Some of the comments are brilliant, and some of the designs (cough) ‘submitted’ were funny… One excellent comment from James Beardmore

James Beardmore makes a good point (source: http://dribbble.com - click)

Oops, later Huffington Post made this wounded addition to the original post adds this …

UPDATE, August 15: We asked fans of HuffPost Politics to submit suggestions for social media icon designs as a fun way of enabling them to express their passion for politics — and for HuffPost. As readers of our site know, we frequently engage our community with requests for feedback and suggestions. So while AOL Huffington Post Media Group employs an in-house team of more than 30 talented designers, we felt this would be a lighthearted way to encourage HuffPost Politics users to express another side of their talents.

Oh, it was meant to be lighthearted. Gee, that’s not how the ‘community’ took it, huh? Funny, that.

Pat Doran‘s entry via Twitter:

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