How to show off about your car, but soften the blowhard-ish bit:

Hi! My name is B**** Mc***, you may or may not have heard of me before, either way, that’s OK with me.

I’ve never been featured in the BRW Rich 200 (nor do I want to), hardly ever wear a suit and tie (shorts, thongs and t-shirt is my dress-code). I don’t drive a Ferrari (although my Mercedes CLK is pretty nice). I don’t have commercial premises with staff running around all over the place (home is where my heart is).

— quoted verbatim from fax spam spruiking this guy running free seminars showing how to get ‘seriously’ rich from the internet.

Which reminds me of Merlin Mann’s excellent comment:

“The internet is becoming this thing where it’s just people trying to become successful on the internet by showing other people how to become successful on the internet.”