By coincidence, I saw this brief interview between Nicky Hager and Finlay Macdonald on TVNZ7’s The Good Word today.

Having just referred to the book (see Hollow Man Matthew Hooton recites his creed), I found it interesting, as well as the revelation that defensive PR tactics (‘leaked material’ vs ‘stolen material’) were quite effective, judging by the majority of the media questions Hager faced…

Watch it online at TVNZ on demand. **

– P

** UPDATE March 2015. The video seems to have gone AWOL at TVNZ:


… but here’s an archive copy of the audio:

Nicky Hager on ‘The Good Word’ MP3 file

Note the opening line:

“Investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager has been causing trouble for New Zealand’s political class for well over a decade. From our part in a global spy network to dirty tricks and spin by corporates and government, it’s been his mission to shine a light on the often secret workings of power.”