Elizabeth Gilbert - character matters

'Being a person of character matters to me now...'
Writer Elizabeth Gilbert (image: book PR)

Elizabeth Gilbert writing in her new book Committed:

I am sorry to confess that I possessed a scant amount of honour in my youth, if any, and behaving in a flighty and thoughtless manner was a bit of a speciality of mine.
But being a person of character matters to me now, and matters only more as I grow older.

What is there not to love about this wonderful writer?

Her TED talk on ‘nurturing creativity’ and the creative struggle is, in my eyes, a masterwork of engaging, humble, rapport-building, essence-of-good-person-with-talent-who-has-worked-hard-and-thought-hard-to-refine-her-craft. I find her very inspiring.

There’s a lightness to her writing, a ‘nicely-put’-ness. It’s not as transparent as some other good writers, doesn’t drop away in my experience, but no bother — I find myself appreciating how she has phrased a thought, her word choice (e.g. ‘scant’ above), her writer’s voice: It’s light and efficient, but rounded and fitting. She seems to seek to communicate, not draw unnecessary attention to herself. Very, very good.

I fluked onto that TED video a few days after it was published [thanks PS]. It will probably stay on my iPhone forever, along with Michael Crichton’s interview (chalk and cheese). What she says is so well-said. (OK, I’m gushing…)

“But being a person of character matters to me now,
and matters only more as I grow older.”

Yes. Same here. It does.

And, man! She’s coming to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival next month. Cool.