Er, golly!  (image: Lily Sussman)

Er, golly! (image: Lily Sussman)

Anyone who ever felt intimidated by a border crossing can be thankful they didn’t get this treatment.

Lily Sussman’s story interests me for two reasons beyond the Midnight Express/travel horror story aspects.

1) Wow! The hard drive still works!

2) Look at the discussion on Lily Sussman’s blog about the Israel/Occupied Palestine issue. It gets heated pretty quick. Looking at it through the ‘source of conflict‘ goggles we discussed here, well, it makes me think.

The phrase ‘entrenched positions’ comes to mind.

I don’t know the ins and outs of that conflict, but I know a situation with that much ‘history’ is never going to be simple to solve.

This comment, for example:

Oren said, on December 15, 2009 at 8:55 pm
In fact England and France messed up all the region here as part of the colonial asspirations.. I would recommed that you read a bit of history before running and using your keyboard.

There are historic evidences about the presence of the jews in all Israel including what is today part of Sirya and Egypt. By all archeologists this comes much much before any settlement of arab (or what it was before the Mohammed imposed Islam on many of the tribes in the region). In fact, the Jewise settlement was continous in the land of Israel throughout the history (go and check the history on Ottoman empire and you will learn that before the British, there were the Ottoman or what today are the Turks)… in general ignorancy is great ground for prejudgement and superstitions, after all Israel is the only democracy in this region and the most educated country in the region.. if you will look from Jerusalem towards the east, and you really try hard, you will be able to see the other democracy which is India.. think about it

Even identifying the issues is nigh on impossible. Pretty tough.