I commented earlier in ‘Neither one nor the other‘ that blogging isn’t considered journalism by many.

Now Google boss Eric Schmidt has sparked some anger by saying the same thing. He missed a point which Curt Hopkins at Read Write Web in a post titled Google’s Schmidt to Bloggers: Drop Dead! was good enough to point out — many of us bloggers ARE journalists…

First, I am a journalist. I mean an I-worked-for-a-newspaper, I-was-a-stringer-for-Reuters, I-was-a-host-for-NPR, I-freelanced-for-Newsweek type journalist, the sort of journalist our CEO friend was presumably talking about. But I’ve also been a blogger since 2004. This blog I now write for is in the top ten of blogs for readership and has a sterling rep for…can you guess? JOURNALISM, you blowhard.

How many journalists blog? How many bloggers are journalists? How many blogs are chockablock with journalism? This motif of the whirly-eyed blogger in his pajamas was getting stale before I started my blog. (And for the record, I haven’t owned pajamas since I was old enough to shave.)

Hopkins also pointed to the conflicted action of Schmidt/Google ‘blackballing’ CNET journalists over a Google and privacy story.

Worth reading.