This is one of the slides illustrating a story about the oil spill affecting the Louisiana wetlands and the environment in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond …

Oil hits Louisiana wetlands (image: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert via HuffingtonPost - click to view larger)

The damaged beauty of the image speaks to me. God knows we really need to protect the natural environment — for our kids, and their kids. This seems tragic to me. {UPDATE: I found an image credit for the dragonfly shot here (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) thanks to John Gruber. More painfully striking photos of this disaster at that link.}

Here’s another:

Crude oil doesn't mix ... (image: HuffingtonPost - click to view larger)

Here’s where Pass A Loutre, La. USA is… (thanks to Google Maps)

PASS A LOUTRE, La. Not so blue at the moment. Take it as a wake up call... (image: