I’ve received a number of kind and gratifying comments about my brief presentation at the Howick Local Board public forum last night (see Bunfight at Howick Local Board). Thank you.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Cameron Slater was live-tweeting the event, and these popped up on my phone after I spoke …


For those interested, below are the notes I prepared for my (3 minute!) talk, complete with scribbles I made while listening to other speakers.

Some of what I planned to say became redundant. As I noted, there was substantial support, and effusive character testimonials for Adele White were delivered by the speakers before me, which I didn’t need to repeat except by implication. Given the mood of the evening, I also decided not to directly address the drink-driving charges Michael Williams reportedly is facing — they were in the public domain, with the Board members and public attending well aware of the issue.

My planned comments about Mr Williams’ & Mr Donald’s participation in what I regard (then and now) as a racist stunt in the Garden of Memories on the day of the blessing for the whare and sod-turning likewise felt off-point.

FYI - What I prepared to say at the Howick Local Board meeting public forum. (Click to read as PDF)

Available here as a PDF.  A recording of what I actually said is here.

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