Er, does anyone really expect anyone to believe this? (It appeared in my browser all by itself this morning after I visited who-knows-what dodgy website.)

Or is it a sign of a ‘scarcity mindset’ to even question my good fortune in ‘winning’ this ‘prize’?

'Click "OK" to close window'? Uh, No thanks. I can close a window other ways. (image: unknown advertiser)

Oh boy. (It jiggled and blinked on the screen, too, in case I missed it. Thanks, Adobe Flash!)


Fraud takes new forms on internet

By Helen Twose | NZ Herald |Friday Jul 2, 2010
…. Cardiff University professor Michael Levi, [says] after nearly 40 years studying fraud and white collar crime nothing surprises him.

Levi is in New Zealand as the keynote speaker at the White Collar Crime and Serious Fraud Conference today at the University of Auckland Business School.

He joins Serious Fraud Office chief executive Adam Feeley, barrister Paul Dale and academics speaking on fraud detection, regulation and prosecution.

Levi said the internet has transformed the scale of fraud.

“There’s nothing new about international fraud.

“It’s not itself a product of globalisation but the internet has certainly transformed the potential for schemes because people have got used to supplying their credit card details or responding to international calls even if in some cases they think they’re dealing with someone in their own country.”

Yah. It’s like that. And in some cases the smooth-talking internet hucksters can and do make all sorts of claims (‘top’ this, ‘most successful’ that, ‘most-trusted’ the other etc.) without people checking up on them … until it’s too late.