Some of the most-viewed posts, in order, at in April …


  1. John Key is getting a reputation as a liar
  2. Quantifying stalkers
  3. Watchdog issues warning about Sean Wood Property Tutors enterprise
  4. John Key toughens up? “Forearmed is forewarned (sic), I’m going to change.”
  5. Judith Collins promotes her tame attack blogger
  6. Tag: Cactus Kate
  7. How do you spell phishing? A scam targeting Dropbox users
  8. Recognising culture war as … ‘War’. Not pretty.
  9. Top 10 NZ property investment books – Auckland City Libraries
  10. Mr Phil Jones: re-heating cold horseshit
  11. The dark side of social media
  12. Steven Joyce’s hyperbolic response to an Opposition policy announcement
  13. About The Paepae
  14. ‘As playful as he is psychotic’
  15. Property Tutors’ Sean Wood is ‘not of good character’ – according to Authority & Judge
  16. Calling our haters like Cameron Slater
  17. Nicky Hager on why John Key’s GCSB scandal just keeps rolling

These monthly round-ups are always interesting (well, to me) … from the look of things, it was quite a political month with the GCSB and Mr Key’s reputation in the news. Several of April’s posts were picked up by Bryce Edwards and mentioned in his NZ Political Daily newsletter and news website columns.

That Cactus Kate tag is a mystery. This month there’s been a surge in searches for Cathy Odgers/Cactus Kate (which is interesting) … and subsequent visits to The Paepae. I wonder what’s up?

Property spruiker Sean Wood is actively marketing himself and fellow Richmastery alumni Steve Goodey again, so it’s understandable that searches on their names and … er, operation lead people to read about their reputation and track records. Due diligence, we call that.

– P